Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pickl-It Lacto-Fermented Cherry Chutney

I finally decided to give lacto-fermented fruit chutney a try again after a miserably failed attempt in a mason jar about 3 years ago. The result was a super moldy mango chutney, which I had spent so much time and money on, and it scared me from even considering another try with fruit until now.  I have my friend, Beth, to thank - she's the one who reminded me of fruit chutney, and got me all fired up to try again with her drool-worthy ideas of combinations like pineapple and cilantro (yum!).

It was really hard choosing which to start with, but I finally chose the cherry chutney recipe from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions.  I don't bother with fermenting in mason jars anymore, due to the mold and questionable bacteria issues - I threw away too much money on bad batches with that method.  So I made a few slight adjustments to the recipe for my Pickl-It: I omitted the whey (it's unnecessary in the anaerobic environment of the Pickl-It jars) and used the classic 3.6% brine solution when measuring the salt (1/2 Tbs per 1 C of it really wasn't that far off of Sally's recipe.)

I used one pound each of Rainier cherries and red cherries, and most of them fit perfectly in a 1-Liter Pickl-It jar (a few cherries were moldy, and I ate about a handful as I cut out the pits :) 

After gently pressing the cherries down with my handy-dandy kraut pounder, I licked it to see what cherries, orange zest/juice, coriander, clove, rapadura, and salt would taste like together.  YUM!!  I only wish this jar were 5-Liters instead of just 1...I have a feeling this stuff will be gobbled up fast when it's done!

Like I always say, waiting for the lactic-acid bacteria to do their job is the hardest part...


  1. Alyssa - How important (or not) is keeping your fermenting vessels in the dark? I'm sure direct sunlight wouldn't be good, but what about normal daylight?

  2. Hi! It's important to cover your jar because lactic-acid bacteria are light-sensitive, and those are the guys we really want to preserve! So I always push mine into a corner on my counter and wrap/drape them with a towel or two so all of the glass is covered. Be sure not to cover the airlocks, though.

  3. How important is the orange zest? Can you make it without?

    1. It adds depth to the flavor, so it's nice to have but you certainly don't need it. Good luck, and enjoy!