Thursday, June 14, 2012

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It's funny to me that something as clean and pure as raw milk from healthy, grass-fed cows is creating such a raucous - yet here we are. 

I'm grateful that my family still has access to this important part of our diet (which also means fresh, raw cream for my iced coffee, and cultured sour cream for our tacos - yum!)  I know we're on the right track, diet- and lifestyle-wise, because my kids continue to impress our doctors with their robust health, and when they do occasionally catch a virus they bounce back quickly.  My experience with the severe nosedive in my own health ten years ago, and subsequent comeback with a change in diet, confirms it for me: we need to embrace real, whole foods...we shouldn't be fearful of them. 

These days we have everything we need in abundance to be strong, healthy, and happy - all the better now that we also have more knowledge and better sanitation than in decades past!  We know the importance of hand-washing and better farming practices, so we can reap the benefits of real foods without the high risks that previous generations had without this knowledge. 

I think it's incredibly arrogant of us to move in the direction of pasteurizing, irradiating, and generally killing the nutrients of our food.  But that is exactly where we're heading with the increase of mass-producing, industrialized farms; many of these foods need these damaging processes in order to be "safe" for consumption (and the resulting products may be "safe", but they certainly aren't nourishing or healthy.)  If this is what some people want, fine - let them have it.  But allow me and the others who prefer small farms and access to fresh foods to have what we want.  To each his own, and we will let time tell which diet is better for the health of humans and our planet.

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